I guess it's time for me to slow down!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Ok so, hmmm, where do I begin? June 2019, I decided to get my life right, at least part of it, and begin working out. I mentally prepared myself for this new lifestyle change and I was actually committed to it. I cancelled the gym membership that I was wasting money on and decided to use the fitness equipment we have at home.

Ok, so after about a week of daily exercise, I woke up one morning and couldn't walk. Well, I could walk but it was painful and my left knee was swollen, it wasn't massive but it was not normal either. I continued on to work. The next day, the swelling got worst and I went to Patient First urgent care. Xrays were taken and I was told that I was fine and the swelling should subside. Nawww, that didn't sit well or sound right to me. My knee isn't going to just decide to swell overnight just because. So onto my primary care physician who referred me to an orthopedic doctor. Going to the orthopedic proved to be the smartest move ever because I found out that my knee did not just decide to swell overnight, in fact, a piece of cartilage decided to "fall off" (didnt know it could do that) and was floating around in the fluid that developed in my knee! What!!!!! So fast forward after few appointments to have the fluid drained, I had my first surgery to remove the "floating" cartilage.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details but to remedy the damaged cartilage, I needed a cartilage transplant. Yes, a cartilage transplant. I never heard of such a thing. Since cartilage does not regenerate or repair itself, I was in need a new cartilage cells. Therefore, I was added to the donor list just as if I was waiting on an organ.

2 weeks before Christmas, I received the call that a cartilage match came in. 8 days before Christmas, I was in the operating room undergoing a cartilage transplant.

In my opinion, this was not the best time for all of this to happen. My sewing business was picking up. I was still learning and perfecting my sewing skills/techniques. I was engaged in trying to increase sales for my accessories business. I actually was in the process of planning a photoshoot combining my customwear and accessories line. I was preparing to participate in local vending events. Oh and I was still working full time in a very demanding position at Virginia State University. I had everything planned, I mean, I was committed to working my business and making it successful. I had everything laid out and them BAM!!!!! God had a different plan. Did y'all catch that? "I" had all these plans but "I" wasn't really consulting God as I should have.

To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. Yeah but what can I do? I can sit here grumpy and mad for the next 6-8 weeks because "my" plans were temporarily derailed. Those that know me know that I don't like to sit still. I have to stay busy. My mind is constantly going and I feel like I need to be doing something thus the creation of this blog...LOL. I know I'm not the only one. Somebody out there can relate, right?

So, now that my mobility is limited, I decided to effectively utilize this time to "get my vertical" taken from a sermon series presented by my Pastor Juliette Davis, Destiny Empowerment Ministries. Get Yo Vertical essentially refers to developing and strengthening your relationship with God. As I recollect now, I was focused on my horizontal relationships, i.e., customers, vendors, suppliers, other business owners, etc. But the relationship that is most important, the one that matters THE most is my vertical relationship with God. So, huh, I guess this was His way of getting my attention and slowing me down.

In addtion to getting my vertical, I will work on revising and improving my plan, learn a new skill, which I've done, stay tuned for that update. I never thought I was doing too much but I was told that I was. This has slowed me down physically but my mind is still running a million miles per minute. However, I'm learning to be quiet and still so that I can listen to and hear from God. I don't want Him to take these measures to get my attention again.

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