Nikki Darkita Humphries


Hmmm, my story?!!!  Well, I could tell you that I was taught at a tender young age to sew by my grandmother, that I sat at her feet mesmerized and that she instilled in me the desire to create beautiful things with my hands…..but that would be a lie!!!  Yes, when I visited my grandparents in NC, I saw my grandmother sew.  Nope, it didn’t interest me at all.  I preferred going outside playing with my cousins in the backyard or riding our bikes all around the neighborhood (in the country as I called it.)  I was a tomboy, learning how to sew didn’t interest me.  I remember being dragged to the fabric store and wanted to sit in the car.  I had noooo clue what I was missing out on. 



Fast forward a few years, God told me to get a sewing machine.  I was like, “What?!”  

But I obeyed and bought a sewing machine and it was on from there.  The skill just came natural to me.  My mom says I get it from my grandma and that Maggie is always watching over me.  And I believe that because grandma would spend hours in her den creating her usher outfit for Sunday or her dress for the church’s anniversary.  My studio is in my basement and I can spend hours there creating and designing, channeling Maggie. 

I love what I’ve learned to do or rather the skill/talent that GOD gave me.  I’m a simple girl from N.E. Washington, DC who enjoys taking a flat piece of fabric and creating something beautiful with it.  I LOVE the smiles on my customers’ faces. 

I want to thank all that have supported me and just know that more is yet to come as I continue to learn more and grow!!